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Potential time saved

Time is precious and we cannot get it back once spent. Some will also say “time is money”. Both of these statements are completely accurate and using a wholesaler like NaviPay will make certain time is used more efficiently

Pricing, pricing, pricing

Get better pricing on payroll services by having the advocacy of a payroll wholesaler who will make sure you are getting the best price possible with the most bang for your buck. Additionally, finding the right payroll company is important in finding the right fit to make sure you are not over paying and paying for services you do not need.

Calculating payroll each time period.

Calculating payroll is so 1980s. If you’re calculating payroll manually one would tend to wonder if you’re also still using rotary phone! Stop wasting your time…

Printing, signing, and distributing paychecks or pay stubs.

Now we’re in the 90’s. Are you still dialing up with your AOL cd too? Not only can you have printing, signing and distribution of paychecks done for you but you can get into 2021 and have direct deposit, employee access and even paperless payroll through NaviPay.

Generating reports for in-house and accountant use.

With modern payroll services you can even create accountant logins so your accountant can access all the reports he or she’s heart desires.

Preparing and remitting payroll taxes and returns to government agencies

Another time saving opportunity. This doesn’t even include any inaccurate reporting. Dealing with the IRS or state agencies about any inaccuracies can take days, weeks, or even months to resolve

Mitigate payroll mistakes.

We just love to save you time. Put the burden on us and don’t worry about making mistakes. At NaviPay we pride ourselves in working hand in hand with our clients and making sure we are there every step of the way. Not to mention we are offering 6 months of 50% off payroll services to all new clients.

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