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Written By NaviPay Blog Contributor:
Suzanne Davis
Coastal Business Evolution, LLC

I think we are all going a little Corona-Crazy and tensions are running high. A vacation, even just a little getaway would be ideal right now. Many of us are reluctant to loosen the pandemic purse strings to go on a full-fledged, take me out of this mess, I want to escape for a couple of weeks total vacation. Not to mention, we are not really welcome in other countries right now and even domestic travel might be unsavory for some of us.

You are not alone if you feel this way! A total of 76% of Florida residents surveyed say that their travel plans this year have been impacted by the pandemic, with 40% rescheduling travel plans and 39% canceling them altogether. The consensus is that many Floridians who are willing to travel this year plan to do so in their “own backyards” by taking mini-trips throughout the state, especially with lower gas prices.

Resurrect the term Staycation, which is 15 years old now, but it is even more relative to today’s situation. According to, a staycation is defined as “a vacation spent at home or close to home doing enjoyable activities or visiting local attractions”. Seriously, what could be more perfect right now?

Let’s face it, the hospitality industry has taken a serious hit. A local staycation not only helps you unwind, but also stimulates the local economy. This way you are doing something good for you and your family’s sanity while supporting local business—just one more reason to feel good about it. Plus, local hotels are catering too and more than delighted to invite their neighbors to come, stay and play. Because of this, there are some incredible deals throughout Florida and are extremely easy to find.

Of course, we know you are stressed, so I did the work for you!

No money for a vacation? Our research uncovered resources for you to steal away to a luxury hotel, take advantage of local deals and even how to make home feel like you are on vacation.

The Sun-Sentinel provided us with the diets on “71 Staycation Deals” throughout Florida. This is an inclusive list that contains not only hotel deals at locations that are highbrow to low budget and includes but links to specific promotions in local communities that include entertainment and excursions. Staying super local, check to Discover the Palm Beaches or Discover Martin. Heading further north? There’s an app for that if you want to visit Pensacola! Heading south? The Florida Keys is always a great option and you literally feel like you are in another world (especially after an evening on Duval Street). For more family-friendly fun in the Keys, stop in Key Largo to play with the dolphins! For more family-centric ideas across the state be sure to check out Visit Florida. Are you still a little squeamish, but really want a hotel stay? Forbes Magazine has dubbed Hotel ELEO in Gainesville as “the safest place to stay during a pandemic.”

Budget too restrictive or you simply feel like you are not ready to venture out? You still need a break, so you must find ways to get that vacation feel. We have found some great ideas for that too!!!  We found a simple list from Factory that was straight forward about how to feel like you’re on vacation at home. They included practical suggestions like:

  • Switch off your devices
  • Hire a cleaner
  • Camp out in the backyard.

Real Simple Magazine presented options that were not quite as simple and involved setting a total themed experience.

Have it done for you.

  • Get your house cleaned top to bottom.
  • Order a destination dinner (lobsters flown in from Maine anyone?)
  • Have dinner delivered every night.
  • Organize a babysitter trade-off to unload the kiddos.

Put everything on hold.

  • Literally, take time out by putting away all your clocks
  • Put an out of an office on your email.
  • And for Pete’s sake, do not want the NEWS!

Have FUN

  • Curl up in a comfy chair and do some vacation reading.
  • Take a camping trip in your backyard.
  • Have a 3-day film festival (Disney movies? Rom Coms? Action?)
  • Declare a water game day.

Whatever you decide, you know you need a vacation! There is no time like the present to give yourself a break from the madness. So, if you will excuse me, I’m logging off, turning off my phone, and heading to my backyard hammock to read a Nicholas Sparks novel.

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