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Whether you are open under Phase One restrictions, an essential business, or offering limited service in an area not yet in Phase One, you still need customers. We touched upon the importance of mainstream advertising last week, “Advertise now? Are you SERIOUS?!?”, but what if your budget is so severely tight those options are completely out of reach? Don’t despair, you still have options!

Do Not Neglect Your Social Media Presence!

At his point this is basic, but even basic items need to become habits. People are glued to their smart devices now more than ever! Maintaining and regularly updating your social media accounts to keep people informed is an absolute must at this time. Also, look for groups that promote your type of business. In Palm Beach County, there are a number of Socially Distant Supper Club pages that have sprung up and are providing free promotion to local restaurants. If you have an email data base, providing you clients or prospects with information that they can use is an excellent branding tool as well. The idea is to let people know about your business, know you’re open and keep it on the front of their minds.

Overwhelmed by just running your business? There is help. Coastal Business Evolution, specializes in business development and marketing services for small to medium sized businesses is offering free social media consultation and tips to get started. Simply email or call 561-635-8075.

Infographic and Video Marketing on Social Media

YouTube and even though email is an entertaining way to engage with your customers. We have had tremendous luck working with Fiverr. Our NaviPay YouTube channel has the videos we were able to produce on Fiverr. They cost between $80 and $200 depending the length of the video. Fiverr is an online platform that connects businesses with freelance graphic and video artists all over the world. What once could cost $1000 could be $100 through this platform. This can be used on all of your social media platforms to produce high-quality, professional-looking animations, info-graphics, voice-overs, flyers, and much more.

Be Your Own Billboard.

People are getting out an about more and more each day. In addition, even during the stay at home order, people escaped to their cars for Sunday drives just for fun. A quick message, logo and phone number on a magnetic sign on your car is an inexpensive investment. We’ve seen them online for as low as $5 depending upon the size. The same is true of what we think of as traditional real estate signs. They can be staked out in front of your business with quick informative messages or you creative and amazing offers. We’ve seen them throughout this time with logos and messages as simple as We’re Open to Curbside Orders! We’ve seen them online for as low as $10! Simply search Magnets or signs and a ton of possibilities pop up.

Still worried about even these small expenses? One way to have a little extra cash is to take advantage of Navipay’s Covid-19 special. Three months of free payroll services should free up enough cash to use several of these marketing options!

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