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“I love payroll!” – Said NOBODY!

Nobody enjoys this necessary task, and even so, we see countless businesses managing in-house payroll. Some who do this are just control freaks while others started out this way and never evolved this side of the business. Regardless of what the reason is for having in-house payroll at this point in your business, 2021 might be the year for you to take a few steps forward and outsource your payroll. Here are 10 reasons why:

    1. Compliance and Liability – Staying compliant with ever evolving federal and state tax laws is immensely time consuming. 2020 has become an example of an ever evolving environment in which compliance can become a resource and money vacuum for small businesses. Dedicating staff to this venture can become a losing effort. Not to mention taking a valuable member of your team off more important and productive tasks.
    2. Employee Security and Access – In today’s day and age, security is of utmost importance. Giving you employees not only access to all their documents while keeping them secure. Providing this ability in-house would be a herculean feat. By outsourcing your payroll, you can enjoy the technical resources of large payroll companies at a fraction of the effort and price. This not only provides security and access but it has also proven to improve employee morale and loyalty. Employee access to their pay stubs saves administrative time by allowing employees access to their payroll documents at a click of a button.
  • Access to payroll experts – By outsourcing payroll with NaviPay Payroll Services, you have the ability to contact our experts with any payroll questions or concerns. Our clients enjoy over 20 years of financial industry experience and we pride ourselves in making sure to be there at every turn. In many cases office managers who used to perform all payroll tasks in-house would have to take hours to research and phone calls. Once outsourcing to NaviPay Payroll Service all they need to do is contact us in whatever way is easiest for them. Many clients text, email or call to answer their questions at no additional charge. 

“As a new business, NaviPay made setting up and doing payroll a breeze. In the ensuing years any problems caused by my own mistakes have been cleared up and fixed in a timely and friendly way. NaviPay has made payroll easy” – Rob Dawson, Palm City Farms


  1. Save Time – Time is an unmeasurable resource that you can never recover once wasted. Wasting time with payroll is not only mundane but more importantly completely inefficient. Requiring a strong team member to be responsible for payroll takes their focus and time away from more important tasks which can make or actually save money for the company.
  2. Avoid Penalties and Assure Accuracy – When an individual is tasked with several important responsibilities the potential of missing payroll deadlines is imminent. Missing deadlines costs money. 40% of small businesses are levied with a penalty every year! The IRS alone issues roughly SIX BILLION dollars a year in employment tax penalties averaging around $800 per business. Why open your business up to this potential? By outsourcing your payroll, you now only ensure all deadlines being met but if for some reason they are missed you have now also outsourced the liability of these penalties. That alone should be enough to prove outsource is the best choice when it comes to payroll.
  3. Save Money – Those two words are music to a business owner’s ears, trust us, we know! Outsourcing payroll through NaviPay is a sure way to save money. By being payroll service brokers, we go to bat for all of our clients and provide them with the best price possible. We are usually able to save them 15-20% on payroll service. This does not include the unquantifiable savings of not using valuable team members to calculate payroll and filing tedious forms to government agencies, or insurance auditors. Our systems not only calculate the aforementioned items but also can maintain employee hours through time management solutions, keep record of PTO and again saving money and time.
  4. Peace of Mind – Payroll is something that can eat at you every week, month and quarter. Even something as small as handing out W2 to employees at the beginning of the year is a task and half. With Employee Access through NaviPay you can clear your desk of another task. Is handing out paychecks a chore? Stop, set up Paperless Payroll and don’t worry about it again. Worried about that next workers comp audit? Don’t, set up Pay by Pay workers comp with us and let it be a non-issue. Worried about filing your 941-tax filing on time and accurately? Never do it again, let us file all your tax filings from here on out!

In the end outsourcing your payroll is without question a good decision regardless who you choose as your provider but we hope you allow us the opportunity to take this off your shoulders. At NaviPay we help you Set Your Payroll on Cruise Control!

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