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We’re now two months into this thing called Covid-19 and trying to work with it and around it. Both employers and employees alike. Most people who have filed for unemployment benefits have rightfully done so and are eligible for the benefits however, as of April 27th 40% of applicants had been denied without any guidance for the state of Florida. Both employees and employers should know what disqualifies a person from receiving benefits. The DOE has published a handbook for this exact purpose.

A person may be unable to receive benefits for the following reasons:

  • Voluntarily left work without good cause.
  • Discharged for misconduct connected with work.
  • Discharged for a dishonest act.
  • Refused to accept a suitable offer of work.
  • Received or will receive wages instead of a notice of termination.
  • Received or will receive Workers’ Compensation.
  • Unemployed because of a labor dispute.
  • On a voluntary leave of absence.
  • Unemployed because you were suspended.
  • Receiving unemployment benefits from another state.
  • Made a false or fraudulent misrepresentation to obtain benefits.
  • Receiving income, such as retirement pay or severance pay.
  • Not monetary eligible (i.e. you do not have enough wages in the base period).

Note, as an employer you do have the right to dispute a claim you feel falls under one of the above reasons. We recently had a client who had to claim filed against them from ex-employees who both voluntarily left work in 2019 and were still trying to collect. This is obviously and extreme example but the DOE allows for appeals from either party.

Documentation is key in these situations and the need for a Human Resources department becomes valuable when appealing ineligible claims. Having an entire Human Resources department for a small business, however, can be nearly impossible. At NaviPay we provide our clients the option to have Human Resources through ADP. ADP can provide everything from new hire forms to customized handbooks at a fraction of the price of having your own HR department. If you need more information the DOE also provides a handbook specifically for employers.

If you know a Freelance and contract worker, they are also able to file for their CARES Act federal will use the same and CONNECT websites to apply.

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