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Aren’t we all ready for a break?!?! Well, the good news is time has passed and we are getting closer to the opening of the Bahamas for tourists.

The Bahamian government announced it is looking to open up its borders once again on or around July 1st, 2020.

For those lucky enough to be able to own property, you can travel privately now. The only caveat is you will have to show proof of a positively negative Covid-19 test, have a home that has been inspected for quarantine, and finally, quarantine for 14 days after arriving. Not so attractive.

For those of us who do not own property. We will have to wait for the immense announcement. Meanwhile, as of today, they have moved on to the 3rd phase of their 5-phase program to reopen completely.

Bahamas Phases Illustration

Probably the best news thus far is for everyone used to boating over, there is a new option for clearing customs prior to arrival. A pilot program has begun in West End, Grand Bahama Island called Island Fast Pass. In partnership with Old Bahama Bay and Zale Maritime Management, your Island Fast Pass will be an easy and smooth way to check in to the Bahamas, avoiding the long lines and paperwork in when you arrive. Instead you will be able to have all you paper work taken care of and be ready to step off your vessel and have a cocktail so you can get on island time as soon as you arrive. For more information contact Warren Hepburn of Zale Maritime Management at To stay up to date on the reopening visit Old Bahama Bays website

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