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Written By NaviPay Blog Contributor:
Suzanne Davis
Coastal Business Evolution, LLC

The reopening has not equated to a quick rebound and rising revenue for many small to medium-size businesses. If people are not beating a path to your door just yet, your best option right now is to really examine where you can cut your operating costs. We have compiled a few resources that we know will save you big bucks increasing your bottom line!

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees – Yes, you read that correctly! You can eliminate your credit card processing fees and enjoy next day funding with Smart Merchant. For an annual fee of only $159 and a monthly fee of only $45 you can eliminate the thousands of dollars, you spend annually on credit card processing fees. Smart Merchant can be used at point of sale or even for online payments. Under the how did you hear about us field, please enter NAVIPAY for additional discounts and offers!

Restaurant Owners-Stop Giving Your Money to Delivery Services – All the big names charge restaurants a commission on every order that they deliver. Those fees can be anywhere from 15-35% of the cost of the order itself! That’s robbery. There is one local restaurant delivery service in Palm Beach and Martin Counties that NEVER charges restaurant owners a fee or commission. It’s called MyLiberta. We know it’s a funny name—but it means freedom in Italian and was intentional by its founders. They wanted customers to be free to order from any restaurant that they chose and for restaurants to be free of any fees or charges. To become a partner restaurant (NO FEES, NO CONTRACT) simply call 888-342-1067 and tell them that NAVIPAY sent you or download the MyLiberta Restaurant owner’s app to join there.

Free Social Media and Free Email Marketing – Yes, we all know that we can promote our businesses for free on platforms like Facebook and Instagram by creating our own pages. But some particularly useful community groups cropped up during the stay at home order. There are a plethora of groups that are now in specific areas that are all about supporting local businesses from retail to restaurants and members of the community are now turning to them to get the latest deals. And how are you letting people know that you are open now? A sign out front? One social media post every now and then? Most people are going to take some encouragement to get out and about. How about a special invitation landing right in their inbox? If you have not taken advantage of email marketing, now is definitely the time when almost everyone is cutting back on face to face meetings and they are literally tied to their computers and phones. But what if you are busy trying to actually RUN your business. Coastal Business Evolution is here to help with a free initial consultation of your business’s current social and email marketing efforts complete with recommendations on how to improve them. As for email marketing, that is one of Coastal Business Evolutions core services. Go to for a free email marketing platform trial. In addition, when you sign on with Coastal Business Evolution for them to compose all of your email marketing pieces, creative copywriting services on the first two mailing are absolutely free when you sign on for three months of service. Simply email to set up your free consultation.

Free Payroll Services – We have said it before, but we’re going to keep letting you know. Navipay Payroll Services not only provides expert, personalized payroll services, we are also offering 3 months free to all new clients. What are you waiting for? For more info and to GET THREE MONTHS FREE!

Every little cost cut adds up!

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