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Written By NaviPay Blog Contributor:
Suzanne Davis
Coastal Business Evolution, LLC

Feeling fatigued by all that has happened in 2020? You are not alone. Fighting mental and physical fatigue with fitness just might be a cure for you. But what if your response is more flight than fight and you really just want to go on vacation? We do not recommend taking a vacation from fitness—which helps to boost your immune system and there is a way for you to do BOTH.

Have you ever looked into a Fitness Retreat? It is a getaway where you’re not indulging in all you can eat, and the only exercise is arm curls at happy hour. It is an escape where you focus on you, your health and fitness. We did a little research and the options are quite impressive.  Think five-star luxury accommodations, yummy nutritious food, and fitness routines to rejuvenate and get back on track. Fitness retreats are starting up again in June and every one of those that we investigated had very comprehensive Covid-19 protocols in place so that you can relax, recharge and rejuvenated safely.

Visit Florida has an entire section dedicated to retreats close to home for a few days a 3 to up to a week. Locations are all over Florida from Saint Petersburg to the Keys and one remarkably close to home in Delray Beach. If you want to venture further from home, Destination Deluxe featured 6 hotels to enjoy while practicing social distancing that is billed as “immunity and Covid 19 retreats”. All of the hotels and resorts featured have inviting and reassuring names for their retreats like: “Immune System Boost Vacation”, “Immune Support Program, and even “Immunity Boost Pro”! You will feel healthier just reading about these destinations!

Hoping to really escape? In January, Harper’s Bazaar published a comprehensive list of The Best Worldwide Wellness Retreats to Relax and Reset in 2020. While COVID-19 kicked international travel to the curb, all of the destinations that had retreats scheduled for early this year have rescheduled them for June or July and many on the list had them scheduled for much later this year. While international travel for recreation is still banned in some areas, there is new information every day.  Afar Travel Guides provided an incredibly detailed low down on travel to various international destinations on June 10th and will continue to keep travelers informed.

What we discovered, however, is that no matter what fitness level you are or how you define fitness self-care—there is a retreat for you. From boot camp style fitness to yoga to meditations and even aromatherapy there is a retreat for you to find your inner (and outer) fitness in a vacay sort of way.

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