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Written By NaviPay Blog Contributor:
Suzanne Davis
Coastal Business Evolution, LLC

For most of us last week’s almost continuous torrential rains amounted to a big inconvenience. For 12 families in the Hobe Heights neighborhood the rains meant total devastation to their homes and the heartache that comes with it.

It is estimated that in excess of 15 inches of rain fell on Hobe Heights creating floods several feet high withing some homes. As of Tuesday, June 9th the waters have begun to recede due to the help of seven pumps. Fifty percent of the water that was dumped onto this neighborhood is now gone, but it is estimated that it may take another week or two before it is all gone, and homes can begin to dry out. The section of Hobe Height that flooded is a lower elevation than the rest of the neighborhood and when the rainwater came there was and is simply no out fill.

Relief to the residents came from the local nonprofit, 25 United which formed as a  response to the total devastation in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian. 25 United is dedicated to providing worldwide relief to areas impacted by natural or man-made disasters. Their goal is to have a team of at least 25 volunteers with experience in the fields of emergency medical response, public safety, and construction that are willing and ready to deploy within days of a disaster. With the majority of the 25 United volunteers residing in and/or having businesses in Martin County, the Hobe Heights floods literally hit home. The organization quickly helped to coordinate county agencies and local businesses to bring much-needed relief to the residents. The help that included evacuation, arranging hotel rooms, securing dry storage for items that were salvageable, and hauling out furniture and other items destroyed by the water. You can make cash donations for relief efforts here.  Rest assured that 100% of your donations go directly out to help disaster victims. You can also physically pitch in starting this afternoon at 3 for a special Community Cleanup.

We spoke with Stephen Leighten, founder of 25 United and he told us that of the 12 families hit by this disaster, four of the home are not recoverable and the rest will need at minimum a 75% remodel. He made a promise to the Hobe Heights community that every family impacted will be made whole and the organization will be there until they can all return to homes that completely livable. This will take time and continued united effort. A comprehensive list of 25 United community partners, links to the wish lists, and Go Fund Me pages of the families impacted can be found here. Continue to monitor the 25 United Facebook page for additional ways to help!

If you live in Jupiter, you can help just blocks from home. Salty Chiq Salon and Boutique owner, Jennifer Melvin is a resident of Hobe Heights and her home was spared. She is collecting Home Depot and Lowes gift cards at her salon.

Let’s bring hope and help to our neighbors in Hobe Heights.

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