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Looking back at 2019, we live in different world. The great thing about not having as much to do with regards to birthday parties, BBQ’s and other get-togethers we were accustomed to prior to Covid is you can find other things to fill the free time. For some of us it’s finishing that book you could never finish, taking that certification you kept talking about, or getting ready for that 5k you always thought about after eating a large combination fried rice like I did so many times!

In 2019 I entered two sprint Tri-Athlon races (1/4 of an Ironman, ½ of an Olympic Tri). I was in a really good pizza and a movie type of shape. A good friend of mine convinced (dared) me to enter a race. I had always wanted to do it but had never garnered the motivation to do it. In the first race, I failed miserably but not because I wasn’t ready. I decided to use my 20-year-old mountain bike which suffered a flat tire halfway through the race. The worst part was I had battled through 4-5 waves in the swim leg and finished it while other participants who were in WAY better shape than me didn’t. The positive was I showed myself I could do it; I immediately entered another race that evening!

Using something you’ve always wanted to be able to do can be the catalyst for getting back in shape. Like anything else setting goals might be the second most important thing to do. Getting off your tail and doing it is by far the MOST important!

Pick an event you would like to participate in

  • This gives you a deadline
  • You normally have to pay money to sign up which means you monetarily invested
  • It might have a good cause attached to it which is also rewarding

Invite others to sign up

  • It’s always more fun to include friends, plus if you beat them you have bragging rights…
  • Announcing it to others helps you commit mentally along with the money you put in.
  • Competition is ALWAYS great

Write down your “Whys”

  • Identify the reason you want to do this
  • This exercise will help you set your goals within the event of your choice

Set Specific Milestones

  • Picking an event gives you a deadline that allows you to set milestones to make sure you’re ready for the event.
  • Buy a calendar, write your weekly milestones, your workout regimen, and place it somewhere where you HAVE to see it every morning.

Get Started!!

There are many resources on the internet to find training aides and guides for any race or event you would like to train for. Talk to others who you know are active participants. Once upon a time, they entered their first event too. You will be surprised how excited they will get and how supportive they will be. They will tell you what events are hard and what events are good for beginners.

The second race I entered was a few months after the first. I prepared the same but now knowing what to expect. I rented a real Tri-bike for $20, which I should’ve done the first time. The swim was easy, the bike was easier, and the run was a son of a b*@$#! I finished last in my age group, but I finished! I can say I have finished a sprint Tri-Athlon and it feels great! I INVITE you to join me at the latest one I entered last week in Key West. See ya there!

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