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Running a small to medium sized business is a constant juggling act. Sales, services or deliverables should be your top priority to generate revenue and grow your business. Most of us, however, find we are constantly struggling with administrative duties which get in the way of actually doing business—taking us away from the things which made us passionate about being a business owner. Running all administrative functions, particularly payroll by yourself or “in-house” is often done to contain costs, but when is it penny wise and pound foolish to do so?

The answer is: Most of the time! You need to determine how many hours you or someone who works for you spends on payroll? How much time are you wasting to do it yourself? How much are you paying an employee to do so? Once you do the calculations, you might be incredibly surprised to see how much you would save with a payroll service.

What about taxes and compliance issues? How much extra will you pay if you get it wrong in employee costs and/or penalties. Also, if you were lucky enough to receive a PPP loan, are you keeping pristine payroll records to make sure you do not have to pay that loan back? Probably something you did not think about when you were completing that application or submitting your own payroll tax returns.

Maybe you have considered taking the leap and hiring a payroll company but are afraid of being a little guy lost in the shuffle of the big payroll processing companies. That is where NaviPay Payroll Services comes into play. We are local and provide personal services tailored to how you do business—you might feel like we are part of your staff for sure but you will definitely know we are your team. Check out our video for an explanation of all the NaviPay services!

Last, but certainly not least, NaviPay knows that this has been a very turbulent time financially for most businesses. To help, we are offering our COVID -19 special—three months of free payroll services to new clients signing on with us. Click Here for our COVID 19 Special offer or call us for more information at 772-208-9655.

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