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Children's playing Tug of War

These fair-weather “leaders” better NOT go on their August “recess” without voting on a stimulus package. The thought that they would even consider a recess is mind boggling and even more so blood boiling!

With growing social issues, an increase in crime, unemployment benefits expiring and a growing tent city population they must surely need a break from all the madness in their cottage by the lake right?!?! We should remember these times when the next set of presidential candidates show up. We should remember who we saw take advantage of the PPP money while in office. We should also remember how all of the congresses can come together in a bipartisan fashion to prop up their corporate donor’s time after time.

This isn’t the first time this has happen, but it seems we the public have short term memory. This is another repeat of 2008, and either we have just grown apathetic, expected it, or both. This is not a blue or red problem, this is the nations problem and unfortunately, we are at their mercy and whether or not they decide to  go on their much needed vacays #toomuchstress…

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