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Written By NaviPay Blog Contributor:
Suzanne Davis
Coastal Business Evolution, LLC

Okay, admittedly we are living in some crazy times, so nothing should surprise us. But some things still surprise me. But I have to admit, the Kettle-bell Crisis, the great Kettle-bell shortage of 2020 caught me off guard. But I learned that 65% of all fitness equipment comes from China. But specifically, Kettle-bells? Why Kettle-bells???

The easiest answer is its versatility. They provide you with the opportunity to conduct a myriad of movements for a full-body workout and they don’t take up much space. But are we doomed to not enjoy the benefits of these amazing bells because of Corona-virus?

That’s what I thought, so imagine my surprise when I was checking my email and found a kettle-bell workout from Self Motivate with four kettle-bell moves to build strength! Okay, not completely shocked, I subscribe to more fitness newsletters than I can ever read. Not because I’m super athletic or in great shape, but I am always “fitness curious” and it gives me content for this blog…..

So that sent me on the search for what else can you do with these magical bells. It seems like they are simply perfect for EVERYONE! I found 15 Kettle-bell Workouts for Men. I uncovered 14 Best Kettle-bell Exercises for Women too! This, of course, made me think, is this the same as no equal pay? We are even getting shorted on our Kettle-bells??????

Then there’s The Ultimate Kettle-bell Workout, for those who only want the best from their bells. I’m always in a rush so I’d opt for the 20 Minute Full Kettle-bell Workout. Or if I want it all to be personalized, I can check out the 10 Best Kettle-bell Workouts for You based upon my Kettle-bell experience and skill and learn about why they are so good for weight loss!

So now that your psyched to swing those bells, the question is, can you get your hands on them. Of course, you can! Just like toilet paper, they are starting to become available. You can get them directly from Best Choice Products or on Amazon. They are not super cheap, and you might need to wait a whole week for delivery, but I’m thinking they’re worth it. I am also thinking that when I’m swinging them it will help me burn off some of my frustration about that whole pay scale thing…..

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